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How period pants changed my life

The idea for Pristine Pants came about whilst listening to a random podcast. A woman was describing having come across something that changed her life – period pants. I was intrigued, I wasn’t aware that such a product existed. I immediately googled it and found an Australian company selling them. I didn’t even bother finding out if they were available in the UK, I just bought a pair online immediately and couldn’t wait to try them on.
The podcast lady was right, period pants ARE absolutely life-changing. They made me feel more comfortable, relaxed and secure, as well as keeping me fresh and dry all day. Since I’ve started using them, I haven’t worried about checking whether I needed to change my sanitary towels during the day and especially at night. And I can sleep in any position without worrying about staining the sheets.
So I’m now on a mission to introduce as many women as I can to period pants by combining the very best qualities of the pants I’ve tried into a brand new product, Pristine Pants.
They're made from bamboo fibre, one of the softest materials around, plus their eco-friendly qualities help you to do your bit for the planet! We’ve added 4 layers of protection to the gusset which offers 360-degree side leakage prevention. Can’t wait to try them out? They’re available on Amazon - just search for Pristine Period Pants.

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